The GHCC was founded by medical, legal and business experts, all being involved in taking care of forgein patients from all over the world in Germany. The organisation and health care of these patients was allways a part of the field of activity.

Due the growing demand first the department for controlling was established. The art of accounting medical bills in Germany is regulated by the GOÄ (regulations of fees of doctors) and the Diagnosis-Related-Grouping system (DRG), underlying strict and legal regulations.
These regulations are as fair as complex and are obligatory for all patients treated in Germany. The department for controlling is familiar to these regulations and is able to understand and correct all medical bills, up to ten years back in the past.

For patients from foreign countries it is often difficult to find the best treatment and hospital for their medical condition. Here the experiance of the GHCC is one of the major advantages. We help to find the right hospital and the best thearapie for the patients disease. Hand in hand.


The GHCC provides the complete service:
From finding the best patient-centered care, taking care of the patient related communication with the doctors, arranging the transport and providing interpreter and we schedule the stay, treatment, rehab and accommodation for the patients escort. Even special wishes and VIP services can and will be fulfilled.

The GHCC Service department was implemented to be one step ahead.
With our special knowledge we are able to help you find medical and or pharmaceutical equipment, hospital inventory or even ambulance vehicle or helicopters and prepare the transport to your country.
Also consulting your plan building a hospital or pharmaceutical industry or create a medical infrastructre in your own country is part of the GHCC Servcies and Consulting.